About Studio 78 Fitness

The name Studio78 reflects what we’re about. The number 7 stands for “completeness” and the number 8 stands for “new beginnings”.

2021 was a very tough year for us all. Life as we knew it changed whether we wanted it to or not.  In terms of health and fitness, many were quarantined and inactive, eating our favorite comfort foods to stave off the anxiety and watching our favorite TV shows or series to get our minds off what was going on around us.  We only dealt with it if we absolutely had to.

In the midst of it all,I thought to myself, “I can create a new beginning even in the midst of all of this. My circumstances might not change right away, but my mindset and how I’m thinking about this year can change right now!” You see, I was one of the many that lost my job during that time. It was so sudden.  I took another job after that, but that too, led to a dead end.

That was the birth of Studio78 Fitness. I believe everyone can CHOOSE to start again-even in the middle of a mess.

I don’t know what you’ve been through, but I’m here if you’d like to talk about how to start again; how to CHOOSE your new beginning.

The Pillars



A unique program designed around your particular goals and current level of fitness.



Ever been told that in order to lose weight or lean out, you have to drink a shake you can barely get down or eat boiled chicken and steamed broccoli for the next 2 years (ok-slight exaggeration).

What would happen if you learned to eat in a way that leans you out but in a way you also enjoy? Whole foods that don’t require hours and hours of prep?

We’ll show you how!




How do every day people like you and I work out even when we don’t feel like it?  How do I get off the couch even when I’m feeling depressed or anxious? 

There’s a famous quote by John Stott: “If you sow a thought, you will reap an action. If you sown an action, you reap a habit. If you sow a habit, you reap character. If you sow character, you reap a destiny”.

Your thoughts will determine your success in every area of your life, including health and fitness. What are the tools you need to get started?




Most people I speak with mention accountability as one of the top two reasons they don’t work out. No one will know if they do or don’t get off that sofa. They feel that they need someone to at least get them started.

That’s why I’m here! We’ll work on it together.


Choose YOUR New Beginning